The Power of Lace


When we hear “lace”, we imagine something aerial, light and smooth. Lace has always been a symbol of femininity and elegance. Through centuries it has been highly praised by medieval fashion-mongers up to the modern stylish gurus.  The beauty of the lace fabric is in its craftsmanship and kaleidoscope of ornaments. At some point in history, it was considered so valuable that it became a form of currency, and lace was a part of family wealth inheritance along with jewels, gold and silverware.


We once believed that lace was only appropriate for weddings or gala events, but nowadays this gentle fabric has become so versatile that it can be an ensemble with working suits and everyday casual clothing to add a ladylike romantic touch to women’s outfits.


Designer lace is a very tricky material when it comes to the tailoring. Due to its delicacy and sheerness lace fabric needs a special approach to work with. Only a professional tailor can craft a beautiful lace dress in such a way that the garment will be a perfect fit and show a spellbinding lace pattern.

The expert tailors at Bella Donna Atelier have a high amount of expertise working with designer lace fabrics. The detailed approach, the choice of the finest textiles, a passion for creating unique designs, - all this is to ensure their clients will enjoy wearing their mesmerizing lace gowns.


When it comes to the choice of lace, Bella Donna Atelier puts their trust in Solstiss, the world leader in French lace creation and manufacturing. The brand takes pride in its century-old expertise and know-how in its traditional and unique craftsmanship of the most highly skilled lace makers in the world. Solstiss lace is so gorgeous and feminine that it is a joy to work with this sheer textile to create and tailor custom-made lace gowns.

To discover more about French lace and order beautiful lace outfits, contact Bella Donna Atelier to book an appointment

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