How Awesome Your Face Mask Can Be?

Wearing face masks has become the new normal in the UAE. Not long ago, when leaving home, we would take our keys, wallet and mobile, but now, the face mask has become a required addition to our routine. In the COVID-19 reality, it looks like we are going to cover our faces for a while to protect ourselves and others, but nevertheless, we can bring more joy and entertainment pursuing our battle against the virus.


Who said that wearing medical masks can’t be stylish? Let’s leave the surgical masks and N95s to the healthcare professionals and essential workers and discover the best cloth facial masks.


At Bella Donna Atelier, along with creating unique outfits, we are also working on mask design ideas to perfectly match our clients’ garments. We are dedicating our time to elaborate trendy mask styles from high quality fabrics that are comfortable and pleasant to wear. We encourage our clients to be involved in the creation process as it inspires them to truly express their style and individuality.



The facial mask has become a new fashion accessory and people love it. More and more UAE inhabitants choose to wear customized cloth masks with unique designs to match their daily attire. When asked about wearing fashionable facial shields, many proudly share that they can breathe easily and feel awesome being comfortably different. What’s more, following the sustainability trend, cloth masks are washable, reusable, and therefore contribute greatly to protect the environment.


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