3 Reasons why Abaya is a Must-Have in your Wardrobe

Traditionally, abaya is a long-sleeve over-garment worn by women in Arabic cultures. It might seem to be a modest and simple robe-like dress but abaya is in fact taking the Western fashion world by storm and embodies great designer ideas for casual and evening wear. More and more western women have been inspired by the simplicity and versatility of abaya designs and incorporate them in their everyday outfits.


Here are 3 reasons why abaya is an essential piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe.

Perfect Fit

What is more exciting than having a garment in your wardrobe that would fit your body perfectly and always make you look fabulous?Abaya is a great choice for those who have challenges with changing body shapes. This loose and comfortable garment covers your curves and make you look slimmer. Abaya in its minimalist approach will give confidence to any woman who is eager to express their grace, elegance and personal style.

Declutter Your Wardrobe


Is your wardrobe overloaded with lots of clothes? Do you often ask yourself what you should wear each day but get lost in the variety of styles? Say - “no more” - to the painful decision-making routine with abaya! Reinvent your everyday styling habits and declutter your wardrobe! The great benefits of abaya is that you can wear this piece of clothing as a dress, a cape or layer it with your favourite outfit to bring your personal and unique style to any look. On top of that, investing in abaya garment can definitely help you to minimize expenses on unnecessary clothes and keep your wardrobe tidy and well-organized😊


Suitable for Any Occasion


Whether you are into having a chill meet-up with friends at the café or you are invited to a fancy restaurant or gala event, the right abaya gown will suit any occasions! It can be a modest one-tone dress or a gorgeous gown with luxurious embroideries. 


The styling options with abayas are endless as they come in various colors, shapes and textures. With an abaya outfit one’s creativity has no boundaries to express their unique style and individuality.

If you are into considering abaya garments in your everyday attire, book an appointment with the expert tailors at Bella Donna Atelier and discover mesmerizing custom-made abaya designs.


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